Our team is comprised of researchers, consultants, operators, coaches, trainers and technologists. It is also comprised of adventurers, musicians, chefs, yogis, parents, scuba divers and meditators. What links us is the vision of systematically unleashing human potential, starting with our own. We are constantly searching for ways to evolve in the context of our own Big Four.

Talentism Team

Jeff Hunter

Jeff is the Founding Talentist, Talentism's chief manager, and a Senior Executive Coach. His compulsions are unleashing human potential and finding meaning in chaos.

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Jake Bornstein

Jake is the Senior Executive Coach, the Head of Global Expansion, and a Partner at Talentism. His compulsions include expanding the aperture of what we believe is possible, stripping out all the nonsense that stands in the way, and snuggling with wife and dog.

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Jessi Gormezano

Jessi is Head of Studio at Talentism. Her compulsions include using empathy to uncover the truth and playing in the dirt.

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Angie D'Sa

Angie is Head of Market at Talentism. Her compulsions include messy problems, elegant solutions, mountaintops and ignoring the recipe. 

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Sharon Billings

Sharon is a lead trainer. Her compulsions include helping others discover their greatness, connecting the dots, and exploring new places.

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Trevor Hunter

Trevor is Head of Coaching, a Senior Executive Coach, and a Partner at Talentism. He has a strong compulsion for looking stuff up.

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Oleg Tkhoryk

Oleg is responsible for the analytical engine and front end of Talentism's Tech Platform. His compulsions are deconstruction & optimization, design & aesthetics, and learning & knowledge.

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Pat Durner

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Audrey DeLorenzo

Audrey DeLorenzo is the Operations Associate. Her compulsions include fostering a positive and creative learning environment, dance, and all things Spanish.

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Pat is the Executive Assistant to Talentism’s Founding Talentist. She has strong compulsions for organizing, supporting her Talentists and loving on her menagerie of rescue pups and kitties.

Laura McKenna

Laura is an Executive Coach at Talentism. Her compulsions are teaching, exhorting, giving hugs, lifting heavy things, listening to wind in trees and watching birds.

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Morgan Hunter

Morgan is the Head of Operations at Talentism. Some of her compulsions are bringing order to chaos, using empathy to design for others and helping animals & plants in need.

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Alison Heisler

Alison is an Executive Coach. Some of her compulsions are connecting with people, learning, and
wellness / yoga.

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Mandisa Khanna

Mandisa is Head of Talent at Talentism. Her compulsions include taking ideas from spark of insight to tangible reality, stargazing, and seeking out great coffee.

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Alicia Greer

Alicia is a Senior Executive Coach and the Head of EOC at Talentism. Her compulsions include helping, problem-solving, comforting, and smiling.

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Cesar Gonzalez

Cesar is a Senior Executive Coach. He has compulsions that range from looking for different perspectives, to finding what's missing, to perfecting scrambled eggs, to
participating in random dance breaks. 

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Jordan Daniels

Jordan is an Operations Associate at Talentism. Her compulsions include developing solutions to complex problems, tracking information, and roller skating.

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Montgomery Pace

Monti is the Consulting Operations Lead at Talentism. Her compulsions are ensuring the details tier up to the vision and designing systems to keep the trains moving on.

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John Schoew

John is Leader of Training and Practice Development at Talentism. His compulsions include bringing curiosity and imagination to accelerate thriving futures for companies and individuals committed to making a better world.

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Linda Solon

Linda an Executive Coach at Talentism. Her compulsions include traveling, being active in nature, and making a difference by helping others do the same.

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Doug Pardo

Doug is a Senior Executive Coach. His main compulsions are around 
people — helping them see and realize their potential.

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Julia Markish

Julia is an Executive Coach at Talentism. Her compulsions include solving problems, grammar, and sparking smiles.

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Alanna Miller

Alanna is an Executive Coach at Talentism. Her compulsions include engaging in conversations that make people feel understood, writing, and finding the humor in almost any situation.

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Alex Hunter

Alex is Talentism's Media Specialist. Her compulsions include filming, editing, and creating great content for great people.

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Lauren Heller

Lauren is an Executive Coach. Her compulsions include understanding the role culture plays in behavior, learning, laughing, and traveling.

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John Vermeesch

John is an Executive Coach at Talentism. His compulsions include winning the right way and helping people and teams learn and grow.

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