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We help the world’s most ambitious leaders and investors achieve their most ambitious goals by systematically turning confusion into clarity.

Farnam Street Podcast

Listen to our CEO, Jeff Hunter, dive into the narratives
we create when we're confused on Farnam Street's Podcast.
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It’s not about
changing who you are. 
It’s about
seeing what’s true.

Most fast-growing companies fail. We’ve cracked the code on which ones win and how to make you one of them.

We offer a combination of coaching, training, and management software to find where people are getting confused, and help them get the clarity they need to make better decisions. 


The Talentism Clarity Platform allows us to take a tailored, customized approach to support your specific needs, from individual coaching to enterprise engagements.

Clarity Coaching

See What's True

Talentism takes a rigorous approach to coaching that focuses the executive's energy on self-awareness, self-acceptance, and, ultimately, productive action. Our work does not seek to change the person, but rather to guide the person toward designing an environment in which they can thrive, thereby unleashing their potential. Individual and enterprise arrangements are available.

Clarity Coaching
Training & Facilitation
Training & Facilitation

Learn The Principles

We offer a suite of training modules built to re-frame the manager’s approach to their primary work - achieving goals through the work of others - and provide them with the tools to understand, identify, and address confusion in that context. Training content and executive team facilitation can be recombined into half-day, full-day or multi-day sessions, according to individual needs.

Technology Platform

Data-Driven Management

Talentism’s most nascent practice uses the learnings from our experience with Coaching, Training and Facilitation to automate the discipline of management. We are developing a practical, rule-based expert system that allows the whole organization – from front-line managers to the CEO – to identify where people are experiencing confusion, and provides recommendations for how to address it.

Talentism OTTO Dashboard



These frameworks are the foundation upon which all of Talentism’s work is built. They have been derived from decades of experience combined with deep research in primatology, neuroscience, psychology and evolutionary biology.

Big 4

Unleashing your potential starts with doing work that suits you, in an environment that supports you. To find yourself there, you must first understand your Big Four – your Talent, Opportunity, Purpose and Home.

Enterprise Clarity

Goals, Leadership, Management and Culture are the fundamental components of an organization. Good management requires systematically identifying confusion across these areas, and designing for clarity within them.


Confusion is an ever-present byproduct of growth. It’s how we deal with it that determines our ultimate success or failure. Our hard-wiring pulls us toward protection, down a path of Certainty. But it’s only through Clarity that productive progress can occur.


I had worked with several strategic consultants and professional coaches in the past but I was attracted to Talentism’s fact-based “get real” approach. Working with Talentism has been exactly that - a complete overhaul of my own perspective on hiring, management and communication, a major leap forward in aligning a team to achieve great things and a major push towards a new and more evolved executive approach that leverages my own talents and skills to their fullest and adapts to leverage others’ strengths where needed.

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