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Coaching in the Clear is committed to helping you learn about coaching. Coaching is more popular than ever, and we believe that sharing in-depth, personal conversations about coaching experiences is the best way for you to learn whether coaching is for you, and how you can get the most out of your coaching practice. We are interested in how people use coaching to unleash their potential while creating market-leading, big change businesses.

Dave Fano

The education, community and tools that help people build successful and fulfilling careers

George Arison

Growing up in the former USSR, how to stay humble in the face of success, and learning from mistakes

Kerry Van Voris

Inspiring individuals, using that inspiration for different styles of coaching, and focusing on blind spots

Christina Sass

Seeking out inherent blind spots in the corporate world, and how we can invest in people and handle growth

Jeff Hunter on The Knowledge Project: Embracing Confusion


Jeff is obsessed with what drives and unleashes human potential. In this episode, he teaches us how to rewrite the damaging narratives holding us back, how to give and receive helpful feedback, how to improve critical thinking skills, and so much more.


Read the transcript here

Renee DeAngelis

Responsibilities facing a coach, fear of the unknown, and sitting with discomfort

Jess Hunt

The emotional tolls of seeking self-awareness, remaining goal-oriented, and defining expectations

Neil Parikh

Accepting shortcomings and leaning into strengths, how safety plays into acceptance, and discovering capabilities

Jameel Spencer

Systemic racial injustice, the world of working with icons, and how coaching unleashes potential

Eric Kinariwala

Talent, being a craftsman, helping others to do the same, contextualizing intuition, and more

Jim Wagner

Learning, making the process the goal instead of the outcome, and how to understand someone's perspective

Chloe Drew

The value of empathy, and using self-skepticism to catch personal blind spots in a leadership role

Jeff Hunter on The Work: Leveraging the Potential of Talent


Jeff helps us understand how to build great organizations by leveraging the potential of talent. He talks about the human experience at work and what's needed to fix it. We talk about coaching, leadership, culture and more.