Introducing “The Skeptic”

Opinions are easy. Whatever messy feeling you have can be expressed as a rational argument. That doesn’t make it right. Inaccurate certainties cause a lot of problems.

It feels so much better to be blindly certain. The struggle to gain clarity is often painful. That is why most people don’t engage in the pursuit of accuracy. The truth is hard.

Talentism is trying to make a dent in the universe. We seek to reduce the persistent waste of human potential. Said in a more business-like manner: we want to increase productivity in a systematic, scalable way. In order to achieve that purpose we can’t afford the luxury of taking our feelings as truth. We must relentlessly test our thinking to ensure that our hypotheses are leading to effective solutions.

We went looking for someone to help us. We needed a passionate adherent to the scientific method, a person who viewed assertions skeptically but openly, whose career and esteem depended on personal responsibility for the highest scientific standards. And we needed someone who would be interesting and think broadly. We believe we have found the right person. Time will tell.

This week we launch a weekly post called “The Skeptic.” The Skeptic is a scientist (a biochemist specializing in proteins) who is also a writer. We asked him to investigate our claims, to take our thinking apart and see if rigorous thinking and the scientific method support our assertions. His goal is to hold us accountable to accuracy in our writing and practice. When he believes we are wrong he will state his perspective publicly. And when the scientific evidence supports our thinking he will point you to the sources so you can develop your own informed point of view.

We hope you enjoy reading The Skeptic as much as we have enjoyed envisioning this and starting it. Please let us know your thoughts.