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We engaged Jeff to apply his vision and the Talentism framework to what was a very difficult but pressing need for an early-stage venture – to identify and attract a Chief Technology Officer post-product release but pre-Series A funding.

Our success was both measurable and profound. Jeff approached our problem with a strategic mindset that was completely different than what a search firm typically does. Before even kicking off the search, he helped us systematically clarify what we truly needed from the role, define exactly what qualities would be necessary for a CTO to tackle challenges in multiple possible futures, and then clearly lay out the process to find and assess the right person. As a result, not only did we end up hiring an exceptional candidate, but as importantly, other people in our team came out of this with a deeper understanding of their own roles and the long term strategic issues facing the company.

I believe our experience with Jeff is a small example of what will happen as Talentism’s philosophy becomes adopted by companies around the world. It seems obvious to me now that most businesses needing to fill leadership positions should be thinking in this way i.e. not just about filling the gap today but how to think strategically about people as a fundamental driver of the organization’s long term design and plans.

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Jeff met with us to help our company in the search for our first Chief Technology Officer. We had been searching for a couple of weeks before we spoke with Jeff, but continued to strike out.

Jeff sat us down and took us through his philosophy and process, in which we spoke about how it was critical to systematically align the search with our vision – our aspirations for the company, the role the CTO would play in achieving those, what problems they would need to overcome, how they would interact with the team, and what skills, both tangible and intangible, our company needed them to have. This process helped us clearly define the real position we desired in the context of our goals and organization. Jeff also mapped out the best strategy to go about finding the right hire.

As a start-up, Jeff’s process saved us an immeasurable amount of wasted time and capital searching fruitlessly or, worse, hiring the wrong person for our needs. Not only did we find the right CTO, but Jeff’s strategic approach helped the rest of the team better understand their positions and responsibilities within the organization.