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Business is People

We are an innovative strategy consultancy that unleashes the productive potential of people.

We believe that to win in today’s economic jungle you need to shape your business around your talent. People are the only differentiator and sustainable advantage: everything else will be commoditized by automation and connectivity. We’ve created Talent Architecture, a powerful yet practical approach to building culture, work structures and management machines that take advantage of the strengths of your leaders and people. The result is dramatic improvements in creativity, agility and productivity. Let us show you how.

C-Suite Leadership Private Equity Venture Capital

Our Clients: Market Leaders

Our customers are market leaders in industries as diverse as private equity, technology, social media, data, publishing, financial services, government, retail, health & beauty and brand management. Due to the nature of our work our customers are kept confidential. Here is what some of our market-leading clients say about our results:

A major push towards a new and more evolved executive approach…

I met Talentism at a PE portfolio company offsite. I wasn’t looking for management help, but after listening to Jeff’s assessment of how high growth potential opportunities can stall because of lack of clarity in a team and differing mental models - I realized that I needed to challenge my own management style and beliefs about the link between financial performance and high performance teams, talent, culture and my personal contribution to an organization. I had worked with several strategic consultants and professional coaches in the past but I was attracted to the fact based “get real” approach. Working with Talentism has been exactly that – a complete overhaul of my own perspective on hiring, management and communication, a major leap forward in aligning a team to achieve great things and a major push towards a new and more evolved executive approach that leverages my own talents and skills to their fullest and adapts to leverage others' strengths where needed.

CEO, PE Portfolio Company

Their thinking about people is on a fundamentally different level…

Our company was looking to transform its brand and customer experience in a truly fundamental way. We needed a completely different level and type of player in our stores to drive our transformation, and we didn’t know how to specify and secure the people we needed. I hired Talentism to help us re-invent how we specify, find, acquire and successfully integrate the right people into the right jobs, and they delivered. The thing you will readily notice about Talentism: their thinking about people is on a fundamentally different level than anyone else currently working in the management space. Their insights cut through the jargon and the clutter to get to the deep issues that matter. In our case, we were looking in the wrong places for the wrong kinds of people. We didn’t have a sustainable machine to find and onboard people who could be champions for our new brand. Based on the recommendations from Talentism, we have made huge strides in those regards, and quickly. I recommend them very highly, as strategic advisors for any organization looking to dramatically improve how they find and unleash great people.

SVP Innovation

Reshaped our entire approach to finding the right people…

The world has changed, and the workforce we need to accomplish our mission has evolved. We needed to evolve with it. We had always just waited for the right people with the right skills to come to the website or job fairs to apply. Talentism helped us define what recruiting should be and allowed us to rethink and reshape our entire approach to identifying and finding the right people with the right attributes.

Official, Federal Organization

Talentism approach completely different…

Talentism approached our problem with a strategic mindset that was completely different than what a talent firm typically does. Before even kicking off the search, they helped us systematically clarify what we truly needed from the role, define exactly what qualities would be necessary for a CTO to tackle challenges in multiple possible futures, and then clearly lay out the process to find and assess the right person. As a result, not only did we end up hiring an exceptional candidate, but as importantly, other people in our team came out of this with a deeper understanding of their own roles and the long term strategic issues facing the company.

Chairman, Venture-Backed Startup / Marketplace and Data Technology Platform

Rapidly increased business performance…

Talentism aligned our design and talent in a way that rapidly increased business performance and employee engagement. And they taught my executive team new ways of managing and thinking about people. I highly recommend their services to companies that are struggling to meet their goals.

CEO, Late Stage Financial Technology Company

Immediately actionable and effective…

The Talentism team has an uncanny ability to cut the nonsense out of management consulting and organization design to deliver you and your team advice that is immediately actionable AND effective. A powerful combination for organizations of all sizes. I would recommend them without hesitation to everyone except my direct competitors.

CEO, NASDAQ-Listed Company

Saved immeasurable amount of wasted time…

As a start-up, Talentism’s process saved us an immeasurable amount of wasted time and capital searching fruitlessly or, worse, hiring the wrong person for our needs. Not only did we find the right CTO, but Talentism’s strategic approach helped the rest of the team better understand their positions and responsibilities within the organization.

CEO, Series A Funded Social Media Startup

Helped visualize a better way…

Talentism invested the time to partner with us on the specification / requirement, helping us visualize a better way to find not just great talent, but the right talent given the culture and style of our organization. While this seemed more work for us up front, the results, efficacy, and confidence in their approach really paid dividends

COO, FinTech Series B Startup

I recommend Talentism to any PE investor trying to maximize value…

We asked Talentism to present their thinking on the optimization of senior talent within management teams at our Portfolio Company CEO Offsite this year. Our CEO’s thought the Talentism ideas and approach made a lot of sense, so much so that several of them immediately started engaging Talentism directly to help them strategize management team challenges and ways to increase team productivity. I would recommend the Talentism team highly to any CEO or private equity investor trying to maximize value out of the senior management team and consequently optimize the bottom line.

Founding Partner, Private Equity Firm

C-Suite Leadership

You focus on building an organization that continually beats the competition and delivers great results. You care about building an organization that does the right things for a growing complexity of stakeholders. You are challenged by unpredictable change and poorly performing managers. Talentism uses its innovative diagnostic, coaching and playbook solutions to remove the roadblocks to your success.


Tired of analysis that doesn’t lead to meaningful change? Suspect your managers aren’t clear about why things don’t work? We have a better way.

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E&E Coaching
(Excellence & Execution)

Achieving difficult goals requires fundamental change. Change comes from practice, not information. Our coaches have the tools to help you achieve clarity and superior performance.

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Optimized Management Playbook

Feel like you are wasting money on reheated management programs? We have a different approach.

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You focus on flawlessly executing your plan. You care about quick, effective changes that lead to achieving a good exit. You are challenged by getting a clear picture of risks, finding the right leaders and keeping your management teams focused on the top priorities. We work with PE investors to get an accurate picture of current leadership and management capabilities, and with their portfolio companies to fill leadership vacancies and manage excellently.


You can’t assess risks without facts. Find out why your organization has been getting the results it has. Get an accurate picture, not a comfortable one.

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E&E Coaching
(Excellence & Execution)

We ensure turnaround leaders can separate the signal from the noise, staying focused on key deliverables.

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Transformative Leader Recruiting

You have better odds in Vegas than you do finding the right turnaround leader. We know a better way.

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Venture Capital

You dream about disrupting markets and creating the next great thing. You care about being first to market, rapid scaling and leadership agility. You are challenged by the trade-offs of building something valuable and building something fast. We help you find the right leaders, helping them work through startup trade-offs, and providing the tools to find and hire the best talent.

Transformative Leader Recruiting

“Been there, done that” is a bad recipe for entrepreneurial success. How do you know whether someone can make it happen in the chaos of a start up? We can show you.

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E&E Coaching
(Excellence & Execution)

Most founders and entrepreneurs are talented but unpracticed at leading and management. We help them become great.

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Talent Insight

Hiring the right person is hard. Hiring a lot of them is often impossible. Our advanced analytics platform uses data and modeling to determine what the “right person” really means and where you are likely to find more of them.

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