It’s Just the Culture

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Leaders are confused about what culture is and why they should care. Many ultimately give into the current convention of assuming that fun, free lunches, and casual attire are all that you have to do to create a “unique culture.” But culture is neither as cool nor as mysterious as the current chattering class make it out to be.

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Finding Greatness

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Whether an organization is recruiting, raising the pay of existing workers, or promoting them to new positions, reliable indicators of current and potential employee value are required to make good business decisions. Despite this, reliable performance assessment methods have remained elusive, miring companies’ success in a bog of uncertain outcomes. This paper delves into the statistical backbone of performance assessments, finding evidence of widespread disagreement and confusion. While most assessment techniques seek to either mitigate the effect of the work environment or ignore it, a fundamental and consistent flaw is the failure to truly separate context from performance. Deeper analysis reveals that context is in fact inseparable from performance – it is the thing being performed.

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