Immediate Limited Opportunity:

Complimentary Executive Clarity Coaching 

We are living through an unprecedented period of time; being able to make sense of our environment is of critical importance to navigating the confusion all of us are feeling. To that end, Talentism is offering managers and leaders a 1:1 complimentary Clarity Coaching session. Your coach will help you create clarity for yourself and others when facing fast-moving hyper-confusion and will help you address the fear that comes with it. This offering is likely to be a particularly good fit for Bridgewater alums who recognize the potency of getting personal diagnoses and who want the compassion / practical problem-solving of strong exec coaches without losing the rigor they found back in Westport.



We will match and connect you with an appropriate coach based on the information you provide.
Those who gain the most out of Clarity Coaching typically are…

  • Open-minded, curious and willing to learn something new about themselves. The more receptive you are, the more likely that you achieve meaningful outcomes through Clarity Coaching 

  • Managers or leaders who have direct reports 

  • NOT looking for “a transformation”. Our work does not seek to change the person, but rather to guide the person toward designing an environment in which they can thrive, thereby unleashing their potential

  • NOT looking for advisors on specific business content

Why is this currently free of charge?
Talentism cares about our community and we want to do what we can to give back in this time of great need.  
Feel free to share this offer with any executives in your network who are facing a challenging situation due to COVID-19 and who you believe could benefit from Clarity Coaching.

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