Talentists believe that conventional thinking about people and business prevents the identification and solving of our most important problems, inhibiting the innovation and agility needed to succeed. We envision a world where businesses consistently design for people, enabling individuals to identify their big three: Purpose, Talent & Opportunity. We create and deliver insightful, practical and constantly evolving solutions that accelerate human and business performance. By unleashing human economic potential, we bend the productivity curve upward, fundamentally changing the economic landscape. Talentists are passionate about creating meaningful solutions to this most fundamental of all problems: hidden potential.


Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter

Founding Talentist & Manager

Jeff has been obsessed with reducing the waste of human economic potential for over 35 years. He believes that businesses are simply people and the things people produce, and he has spent his career trying to figure out why more people don't find their best selves through their work.

Jeff started DataMain Technologies, where as CEO he focused on ways to increase his company’s performance through innovating approaches to culture and people. He concluded that his passion and talents were uniquely suited to helping companies build advantage through people. This lead him to leadership positions at Electronic Arts, Dolby Laboratories and Bridgewater Associates.

Jeff has studied and spoken to great thinkers in a diverse range of disciplines, including psychology, economics, the arts and business. He has spent the last decade writing and speaking globally about what he learns. He has connected with thousands of C-Suite leaders, investors and talent professionals from all over the world and started to develop a fundamental picture of why organizations and people succeed and fail.

Talentism is the result of his journey as a high-tech entrepreneur, big business manager and restless innovator with a passion for people finding and capitalizing on their unique talents and purpose.

Jeff lives in Westport, CT with his wife. His three children are either in college or paying off their college loans. When he is forced to rest he enjoys cooking, historical literature, bothering his daughters with his weird sense of humor, rockin' to his son's soul band and listening to his wife's beautiful singing.

Bud Bhattacharyya

Bud Bhattacharyya

Founding Partner

Bud has helped many businesses across a wide range of industries think about management, innovation and transformational change. At McKinsey & Company, one of the world’s top management consulting firms, he led teams that helped both Fortune 500 companies and startups solve their most critical strategic problems. His obsession was to get leaders, both at McKinsey and its clients, to focus more sharply on people as the real driver behind the strategy.

As a senior manager at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, he helped transform multiple areas of the business and implement cutting edge systemized approaches for managing talent. Again, he obsessed over how technology and systems were only as good as the people driving them.

Over the course of his experiences at these places and others (e.g. Capital One, Amazon.com and Harvard Business School), Bud has seen how dozens of companies approach strategy, culture and management. He became convinced that the difference between success and failure is how strategically businesses think about their people, and how that talent strategy shows up in everyday practice.

Bud received degrees in Economics and Computer Science from Penn, and an MBA from Harvard. He lives in West Harrison, NY with his wife, Michelle, and two children, Maya and Rabi. Besides his family, his loves include jam bands, bird watching, and buffalo wings.

Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson


Greg sees a huge opportunity in the application of data to make better people decisions. He joined Talentism from People.Co, a recruiting software startup where he developed the core IP and analytics powering their products as Head of Data. Greg’s prior background includes 7 years as an executive recruiting practitioner at places like the world’s largest hedge fund (Bridgewater Associates) and one of the largest global search firms (Egon Zehnder International). He excels at researching world-class executive talent to complement unique high performance organizations as well as applying operational rigor to the recruiting process to diagnose issues and compound learning.

Having graduated from Harvard with a degree in Religion, Greg found himself surprised to fall deeply in love with modeling and analytics in business school, and his current interests focus on driving efficiency in talent markets and ultimately unlocking human potential by finding better ways to match people and organizations.

Greg grew up in San Diego. His father is a nuclear physicist, his mother is a psychologist, and he was raised Tibetan Buddhist. In his spare time he enjoys taking pretty pictures of trees and appreciating good food and wine with his wife (who happens to be a trained chef and certified sommelier).

Sabrina Sidl

Sabrina Sidl

Head of Operations and Client Success

Prior to joining Talentism, Sabrina Sidl built a long and successful career in providing operational and strategic advisory services to senior leaders and investors across multiple industry sectors including single family office, real estate development and asset management. She worked on an international level for many years and has a deep passion for all aspects of relationship management, and making an impact by creating critical and meaningful connections between people.

For more than a decade, Sabrina owned and operated International Properties LLC, a Greenwich, Conn.-based real estate consulting firm representing real estate developers and investors in an advisory and deal negotiation function.

A native of Vienna, Austria, Sabrina came to the U.S. with nothing but her desire to achieve the American Dream, and make an impact by creating critical and meaningful connections between people. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Hotel Management Psychology HBLA College in Salzburg, and completed post-graduate work in shipboard operations, situational leadership and client relationship management at the Institute of Maritime Hotel Management. Early in her career, she held officer positions aboard the prestigious Cunard line and other international cruise lines trading globally.

Sabrina has been a member of the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Forum, the Foreign Policy Association, the International Trade Council of the Stamford (Conn.) Chamber of Commerce, and the Connecticut Maritime Association. Sabrina resides in Santa Monica, Calif.

Jake Bornstein

Jake Bornstein

Engagement Manager

Jake has spent his career combining insight into systems with practical ways to unlock human potential within organizations. As the co-founder of Mandala Consulting, he worked with C-suite executives of some of the world’s most innovative companies and non-profits (Zappos, Mosaic Solar, Wikimedia, CHOICE Humanitarian) to understand their talents and challenges, and bring greater clarity to the way they lead, manage and create solutions.

As an Investment Associate at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, he taught, researched and built trading systems based on a systemic understanding of macroeconomics, and delivered strategic advice to clients including governments and national social security funds.

Jake developed executive experience and an understanding of network management as part of the leadership of the international non-profit Slow Money, focused on creating and nurturing a network of decentralized investment vehicles to support local economies, overseeing the deployment of $30 million across 36 cities.

These days, Jake focuses on the human scale of change, coaching executives on how to make the most of their talents by bringing the many parts of their personalities into greater coordination, and leading workshops on group leadership, authentic relating and effective communication.

Jake graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in public policy and a minor in philosophy. He lives with his wife in Boulder Colorado, where he enjoys wandering the mountains, meditating, and hanging out with fellow leadership development nerds.

Trevor Hunter

Trevor Hunter


Trevor holds degrees in music composition from Santa Clara University and biochemistry from California State University, Chico. He previously worked as Associate Editor for NewMusicBox, an online magazine covering contemporary American music, where he published over 50 interviews and articles. His biochemical research involved microRNA binding site prediction, mass spectrometry and protein expression. His current interests with Talentism involve how human psychology and behavior drive business and affect decision-making.

In his spare time, Trevor enjoys melodramatic karaoke, writing lengthy background stories for his D&D characters, and running a spreadsheet-heavy craft beer tasting group. Before joining Talentism, business was the only topic of conversation in which Trevor was uninterested.