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October 17, 2006


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ERE runs several of the largest paid events in the recruiting industry, so I think that there will be some surprise out there that I am a wholehearted supporter of this experiment. The mission of ERE is to facilitate innovation and discussion in our p... [Read More]

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ERE exists to share information and educate recruiting professionals. I support Jeff’s Talent Unconference because I hope that there will be good ideas that bubble up from it. When and if they do, it will be ERE’s job to take the best of those ideas ... [Read More]


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Jason Davis

See you in January Jeff.

Rob McIntosh

Great idea!!

Would love to see one on the East Coast as well


Jeremy Langhans

great tips on an unconference can be found here:



What a great style. Very informative one, I hope you will continue your research.
I will even buy an essay on this subject.

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