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February 07, 2006


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Jeremy Langhans

Jeff -- Glad to have you back! I loved the germ candidate ref ...lol Anyways, wanted to post a reply & affirm your statement: "Most organizations are insular when openness would benefit them much more" ...I was just talking to a c-lvl yesterday about "transparency" in TA Consulting ...great minds think alike!


Jeremy Langhans
Principal Consultant
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In the Tammany Hall days of New York City, the Democratic Party political machine totally dominated NYC politics from the mid 1800s through the post-depression years. Talent meant little more than a smirk from a crooked politician. Patronage ensured that entire wards would vote straight line Democratic Party which ensured the laborers a salary enough to take care of their family (entire generations were born, grew up, and died under Tammany rules).

A challenge to the TH machine was made in the early 1900s by Robert Moses, the same man you drove development of metro area infrastructure including bridges, housing, roadways, parks, etc. Yet despite his great ideas - like pay for performance (conceived before the efficiency experts of WWI) and organizational restructuring - he too fell to the TH monsters. Until he learned to play the game. Once he did, his talent was put to good - often brutal - use.

Recruiting can't stop at defining the real job or sourcing or recruiting or onboarding; it must be part of larger enterprise initiatives. "Gut" alone won't - and can't - make it happen...yes, even a blind squirrel catches a nut from time to time. So what is "fit"? What makes a house a home? Two people a couple? Four wheels, an engine, etc., a car?

[read Robert Caro's very long bio on Robert Moses - "The Power Broker"]

Can you tell I follow Buddhism? lol

Steven Kempton

Jeff, I think you would like "Crimes Against Logic" by Jamie Whyte. Great post by the way, the daily fight of the Recruiter is to work out exactly what you have said on a person by person, job by job and company by company basis.

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